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Scott is the best there is! He has an ability to capture pictures that most would never dream of doing. Instead of just posing in front of an alter, he let us be who we are, by allowing us to personalize our photo shoot with Red Sox attire. The finished product exceeded our expectations, it will be something that we can cherish for life. Thank you!!

Sandy Beaudette (Zeiger)
Great Falls


Scott Photography was absolutely amazing! He made our experience unique by allowing us to add our personal touch. He took the time to make each picture its own by focusing on the details. Scott exceeded our expectations!
Courtney Ramberg (Fraser)

What can we say, thank you so much for doing the photographs for our wedding. The whole experience was enjoyable for everyone. The thought and creativity you put into everything was equally matched by the memory book you put together for us. It was truly a fantasy day for us and it is shown on all the faces of all our loved ones in the pictures. You made an unbelievably wonderful day even more wonderful. The final champagne toast with the glowing sunset in the background was amazing. Thank you again for your
professionalism and artistic eye!

Debbie Schell (SanMiguel) Great falls

You did it again! Through all the years of family portraits and senior pictures with us you've always been the best. The wedding pictures you did for the kids were absolutey breathtaking. Your suggestion for the Heritage Park shoot was perfect, the colors, the lighting, everything was so vivid. I know the memories of the day will always be with us due to your keen eye to detail. Thank you for spending this most wonderful of days with us
and capturing all the moments of joy!!

Darcy Schell, Great Falls

You were everywhere! The pictures you took and the album were more than we could have ever imagined! You eliminated stress and anxiety; we were able to relax and enjoy taking the pictures. I never felt that the focus of the day was taken away from us, you were open to any and all ideas.
Simply amazing to work with!

Amanda Walker (DeBruycker) Choteau

Wow! We absolutely LOVE our wedding album! Everyone that we have shown it to is really impressed also... thank
you so much. We just wanted to thank you for your patience and expertise at our wedding.

Andrea Bell (Askeland)
Great Falls

It was very much about us, we were not rushed and there was no pressure. The photo book  and photographs are amazing! They captured all aspects.

Heather Aristonic
Great Falls

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Scott Photography 2009

The 7 “Secrets” 

What will make the difference between wedding photography that is just “average” and wedding photography that is truly outstanding, with photographs that bring tears to your eyes every time you look at them, because they say so much about your love for each other and your relationships with all your family and friends?

Secret #1. How to Have at Great Time on Your Wedding Day.

What’s most important to you? You want everything to go perfectly. You want the most romantic, emotional, beautiful wedding anyone has ever seen. You want to see all your guests, and have lots of time with them.

Unfortunately, many brides and grooms do NOT have a good time at their wedding. Their photographer has no clue what their job really is. Your photographer can make your day wonderful and perfect or create so much chaos that you will crumble from the stress.

So, how do you have a great time? Select a photographer who is sensitive to what it takes to make your day special to you. A good photographer that can choreograph the photography session so you get to spend time with your family, friends, guests, and just have a great time.…is worth every penny.

You see, most photographers think it’s all about them. If you talk to some wedding photographers, this is what you will hear. They’ll say, “Your wedding photographs are the most important thing to you.”

Well, here’s a shocking statement for you: Your photographs are NOT the most important thing to you!

You know; it is said that after the cake is eaten, the flowers are all dead, the guests have all gone home; what you have are your photographs.

Although this is true; the most important thing on your wedding day is not the photographs. It’s your emotions and your relationships, and your family and friends. It’s being in such a perfect place that you truly enjoy your wedding.

Be sure to select a photographer who understand your wishes, and will take really good care of you, and not ruin your day.

Secret #2. Meet the photographer in person, before you make any decisions!

This is so important! Be sure you like him or her. Be sure you want this person at your wedding, representing you and your family. Remember, he’s working for you, not the other way around! It’s your day, your wedding, your family, and you’re the boss!

Secret #3. Be sure the photographs you see when you’re shopping around were done by the photographer who will actually be at your wedding!

Some studios hire part time photographers to photograph all or part of their wedding! So be absolutely sure when you meet the photographer, that you have looked at their work! Otherwise, you might end up being really disappointed later.

Secret #4. Helping everyone to have fun, feel comfortable and relaxed.

You see, most people do not feel comfortable in front of a camera! Ha! Imagine that. For photographs to be truly fantastic – by that, I mean that every time you look at them, you have tears in your eyes because they are so meaningful to you. For those photographs to be wonderful – everyone has to look “natural” and be having fun during the photography.

How? By hiring a photographer who really loves what he does! Someone who is a true “people person”, who will enjoy sharing your wedding day with you.

That’s really important – because when your photographer is having fun, you, your husband, and your guests will be having fun too.

The Style and design considerations is Secret #5.

Here we are talking about artistic and creative considerations. Is your photographer able to create images in a photojournalistic style, traditional style, or provide you the best of both styles when you combine the two? Does he/she understand when special lighting is needed or when existing light is best? What about the composition of the photographs – how everyone is positioned so they look comfortable and natural. Is the composition pleasing to the eye?

These considerations make up what I call “Artistic Elements” of the photography, and are really important. Select your photographer really carefully, to make certain he or she has the artistic talent to create truly beautiful images.

Secret #6. A Better Than Risk Free Guarantee.

This is the true indication of just how committed a wedding photographer is to taking good care of you. What’s the guarantee? You want to be sure to select a photographer who absolutely, positively guarantees that you will be THRILLED with your photographs. You can’t do these photographs over again. You only get one chance at it, so let’s be sure the photographer really believes in what he does, and is going to work really hard to thrill you.

On to Secret #7. The Human Sensitivity of the photographer.

Does the photographer like people, especially children? Does he truly want to put forth the effort to create a fantastic series of wedding photographs for you? Does he listen to your wishes and concerns, and take great effort to create exactly what YOU want, not what he wants? These “human sensitivity” elements are so important to the ultimate success of your wedding photography.

Which brings us to the most important element of all, pick a photographer who is as excited about your wedding as you are!

You see, in my humble opinion, enthusiasm is the true indication of a person’s commitment to creating wedding photography for you that brings tears to your eyes. Enthusiasm is the life of creativity. It’s the backbone of good customer service. Because enthusiasm tells you whether or not the photographer is passionate about what they’re doing. You don’t ever want to work with someone who doesn’t love what they do.

Now if you like anything you have heard here, or if you just want more information, you have a couple choices from this point.

First, you can call the studio and speak with us personally. There is absolutely no charge or obligation of any kind for this call. We can tell you if we still have your wedding date available. Our studio number is: 406-761-2059 and we will be happy and excited to speak with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Your second option is to leave your contact information on our contact page, and we will RUSH you a free copy of the amazing Wedding Photography Guide: 'How to Have the Most Magical, Romantic, and Emotimnal Wedding Day of Your Dreams'. We will be happy to send you this informative Guide at no charge.

So I sincerely hope this information has been helpful to you. We are here to help you in any way we can, and we are devoted to creating wedding photography that truly moves you to tears of joy. 

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